Vestry Meetings


St .Mary of the Hills

Vestry Minutes Jan. 16, 2018

Next Vestry Meeting Dates:

Tues. Feb.6 at 5:30 Vestry and Discernment Chair with Canon Augusta

Tues. Feb.20 at 5:30 Vestry regular meeting

Tues. Feb. 27 at 5:30 Vestry and spouses, Discernment Committee and spouses with Canon Augusta

Vestry Members Present: Chip Myers, Paul McGill, Bill Devereux, Jane Milner, Mary Galke, Jim West, Crawford Cleveland, Lynn Searfoss, Amanda White

Vestry Members Not Present but available by phone: Bill Furr, Ryan Postelthwait, and Dick Kitchell

Others Present: Mother Linda Wofford Hawkins, Bob Miller, Orian Carter

Mtr. Linda opened the meeting with a prayer and a reflection at 5:30.

Meeting was called to order and food was offered to all due to the length of the meeting.

  1. Orian Carter conducted a tutorial of St. Mary’s financial reports. This was done primarily for the new Vestry members to acquaint them with the reports, but it was also well received and beneficial for other vestry members as well. The reports now include a balance sheet, which is a new addition recommended from our recent audit.
  2. Ed Springs and Garland Myers deferred a Report on the hallway refurbishment project pending receipt of additional cost estimates.
  3. The process of Election of the Discernment Committee Chair occurred next, including discussion of candidates and paper ballot voting. Phone calls were made to include voting by those not present. Mtr. Linda and Bob Miller handled phone calls and vote counting. Motion was made by Bill Devereux and seconded by Lynn Searfoss to accept the vote once it was completed. Loy McGill is our Discernment Committee Chair.
  4. Senior Warden’s report: Chip Myers reported that he had received a request from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Savannah Youth Ski group to spend an overnight with us on Feb. 24. Motion was made by Lynn Searfoss and seconded by Paul McGill, and the Vestry voted to host this group.
  5. Junior Warden’s report: Paul McGill gave us an update on his work with lighting in and outside of the church. Dimmers have been installed in the nave to work with the new LED bulbs that have been installed recently. The brighter atmosphere resulting from these changes has generally been well received, although there have been a few parishioners who have expressed their preference to have it darker. Mtr. Linda asked Paul to provide us with some data on specifically how much brighter it is in the church (lumen increase). Additional LED lighting has been installed at the outside kitchen door and in the parking lot to increase visibility and safety for all parishioners. The diseased maple tree near the doors on the Chestnut Dr. entrance is tagged to be taken down. Safety is a major concern, as the tree is hollow and poses a threat to people, electric poles and nearby neighbors. Another repair need involves securing the rubber around the top of the bell tower. Apparently the glue did not hold properly during the tower work this past summer. All gutters need cleaning and Paul is looking into having that done soon. The impact of the growth of the tree in the Mary Garden was also discussed. It may need to be removed and more information on that will follow as the problem is evaluated by the newly formed Building and Grounds committee. Painting/staining of the exterior wood walls and trim is also recommended due to its weathered condition. A vent in the attic is no longer required and is allowing cold or warm air into the offices. This will need a remedy. An upstairs painting project and carpet cleaning has been added to our fix-up agenda. Jim brought up the need for improved communication of needs and projects so that all can be informed.
  6. Bob Miller presented the financial report. He explained 2017 year-end financial status and the results of our recently completed 2015-2016 audit. This audit was very complete and in-depth and was done by an auditor recommended by the diocese. A 2017 audit will come next. Some discussion occurred, and a more detailed audit summary can be requested from Joe Raulerson by interested parties. Bob and the newly-formed Finance Committee are working to incorporate recommendations from the audit. This includes measures to begin to change our past 3 years of deficit budgeting with the 2018 budget.  Motion was made by Jim West and seconded by Mary Galke to approve the financial report and the vote passed.
  7. Next Bob Miller presented the proposed budget for 2018 and discussion followed. Several measures have been taken to balance the budget this year and get us back on a healthy financial track. Among those measures is reducing the 2018 budgeted pledge amount from the actual to allow for a percentage of pledges that in most years are not collected. This year with a stronger theme of conservative financial management, the proposed budget has a surplus of almost $9000. The Executive Committee has worked at great length on our new budget, and all present expressed their appreciation of the time and effort spent in this process. Additional restricted accounts will be added for the Centennial Fund and the Discernment Process, utilizing existing monetary sources. A motion was made by Bill Devereux, seconded by Crawford Cleveland, and the vote passed to accept the 2018 budget as presented.
  8. Linda informed us that our diocese has communicated with its churches about needing to know 2018 pledges. A motion to notify the diocese right away of our 2018 diocesan pledge amount was made by Bill Devereux and seconded by Jim West. Discussion continued and the vote passed.
  9. December vestry minutes were reviewed. A motion was made by Amanda White and seconded by Paul McGill to accept the minutes. Minutes were approved.
  10. Linda presented the Rector’s Report. She presented a number of areas of need for leadership in the parish. This need is heightened by the fact that many people have recently resigned leadership roles, while at the same time we are trying to put more parish infrastructure in place. These needs for individual responsibilities include: Vestry Clerk, Chalice Coordinator, Acolyte Master, Nursery Coordinator, ECW President, Coffee Minute Coordinator, and Newsletter Editor. Mtr. Linda charged the Vestry with helping to fill these positions by recruiting and by serving ourselves. Crawford Cleveland offered to consider help/recruit coordinator in the nursery. Chip Myers is working on possibilities for the vestry clerk and reported the Coffee Minute Coordinator may change to a quarterly position. More help is needed from the congregation. Several new committees have formed or are in the process of forming. These include: Building and Grounds, Finance, Personnel, and Stewardship. The Vestry is encouraged to serve on these committees as well as to help recruit members for them. Additional committees needed include Christian Formation Adults, Christian Formation Youth, Worship, Lay Eucharistic Ministries, Communications and Technology. Vestry members are encouraged to join or direct these committees and try to recruit members. Mary Galke joined Building and grounds with Paul McGill. Jane Milner offered to serve and Mary Galke offered Doug Galke to serve on the Personnel Committee. Jim West and Bill Devereux offered to help with Communications. Several other names were offered as possibilities for Christian Formation for Children and Youth Mtr. Linda also introduced the possibility of instituting a “meeting night” which would start with a simple parish dinner followed by multiple committee meetings. This would provide fellowship in an attractive format for getting work done and for developing parish leadership.


     A copy of the budget for 2018 will be included with these minutes.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00.

                      Respectfully Submitted, Mary Galke

St. Mary of the Hills

Vestry Minutes December 19, 2017


Vestry Members Present:  Judy  Gloster, Orian Carter, Van Joffrion*, Mike Miller, Paul McGill, Bill Devereux, Mary Galke, Ryan Postlethwaite, Emily Furr, Jim West*

*Van Joffrion resigned from Vestry, and Jim West was asked by Mtr. Linda to fulfill Van’s remaining term.

Others Present: Mother Linda W-Hawkins, Jane Milner, Chip Myers, Crawford Cleveland, Bill Furr, Susie Greene, Bob Miller

Mtr. Linda opened the meeting with a prayer and reflection at about 5:40 pm.

  1. Linda asked what a hymn commissioned for SMOTH would include. Various responses were given by those present.
  2. Jim West was welcomed to the Vestry.
  3. It was agreed that Susie G and Van J would have voice but no vote at the meeting.
  4. A review of November Vestry minutes was undertaken. Mike Miller made a motion for acceptance. Paul McGill seconded, and the minutes were approved.
  5. Susie Greene gave a Tour of Homes report. She and Loy McGill are co-chairs. Susie noted that this 60th tour in the Centennial year of SMOTH would have as its goal to raise 100k for the community. She announced that the Patron Party would be at “Far Horizons,” a home in Mayview. The tour chairs hope to make the party more inclusive by lowering the ticket price, but also hoped that this would result in increased participation in the event.
  6. The Treasurer’s Report was given by Bob Miller. After some discussion about it, Orian Carter asked if there was Vestry oversight of the CN Smith/Peggy Carlson Trust. It was determined that a review of the minutes at the time of the formation of the Trust would be undertaken by Bob Miller. Bill D moved that the finance report be approved. Emily Furr seconded, and the motion was approved.
  7. While on the topic of finance, Bob Miller addressed his 2018 budget concerns, citing that we had encountered several years of deficit spending, and that he would like the budget, currently under review by the executive committee, to be reduced by 20k. A lengthy discussion about restricted funds ensued. It was felt that a review of certain funds to determine which ones might be available to be used on related operational programs should be considered. These expenditures would only be considered as the lack of church operating funds necessitated. Full disclosure and conversation about the expenditure of restricted funds would be shared with the congregation before any action would be taken toward their expenditure.
  8. Chip Myers reported on the Stewardship campaign, and noted that the goal of 397k had been exceeded and the current pledged amount was a little under 401k.
  9. Before moving to the Rector’s report, Orian Carter shared that he had been contacted by the spouse of a church staff member about the possibility of paying the employee’s contribution portion of healthcare benefits by writing a check to the church instead of having those funds deducted from the employee’s pay. A discussion resulted in the consensus that the church should not accept a third party payment of this nature for benefits and only do standard payroll deductions. Paul McGill put this into the form of a motion. E. Furr seconded. The motion passed.
  10. Rector’s Report: The rector’s report consisted of 7 areas of observation and discussion:

10A. Infrastructure: By this Mtr Linda asked what was on our wish list, and cited the need for  leaders to take the reins of a Building Committee and a Grounds Committee. She noted that infrastructure went beyond the physical plant and included filling the gaps of other church essentials that are currently lacking programs or leadership. She mentioned adult formation, children and youth ministries, and the need for a Finance Committee rather than just the executive committee to oversee the budget and church finances. She said it was a good time to be developing a leadership ladder to identify, encourage and develop future SMOTH leaders.

10B. Personnel Committee: She cited this as a committee that had been reformed at this crucial time to review policies, procedures and Job Descriptions. She noted that Garland Myers is currently leading the group with Loy McGill, Judy Gloster and Bill Devereux all participating in personnel development.

10C. Linda gave some dollar figures as to what a fair fee for weddings and funerals would be taking into consideration all aspects of coverage areas required by SMOTH. The fees will be published at a later time once they have been fully and finally completed.

10D. Outreach names for Vestry to contact regarding a hands on approach to members of the parish would not be handed out in December. Linda asked that we take the time to be sure to make contact to the folks whose names were given to the Vestry in November.

10E. Low Humidity in church. It was discovered that the humidity on the HVAC for the area that services the nave was set at 30%. It was thought that this setting may have been established during the “Stones Will Sing” campaign because poor drainage beneath the structure led to increased moisture in the church. The low humidity setting was thought to be affecting the sound quality of the organ. HVAC humidity was re-set to 50%. As a side note, Linda mentioned that the church was being re-keyed and only new keys would allow access to outside and inside locked doors.

10F. Christmas Church Greening: Linda gave the day and time.

10G. Mother Linda Away January 17-29. Linda will be on a Holy Land tour at this time.


  1. At the conclusion of her report, Mtr. Linda thanked the outgoing Vestry and Wardens and welcomed the incoming class whose term will begin on January 1, 2018, and end on December 31, 2020. She nominated Chip Myers to serve as the Sr. Warden for 2018, and Paul McGill to serve as Jr. Warden for 2018. Mary Galke moved that a vote be taken on these nominations, and Jim West seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous to accept Chip and Paul as Wardens.
  2. Senior Warden Report: Judy Gloster had no report except to thank all who had served with her during her time as Sr. Warden, and state her confidence in the future of SMOTH
  3. Junior Warden Report: Orian Carter said he would defer to Paul McGill for his report. He also thanked everyone for their efforts and support during his time as Jr. Warden.
  4. The Vestry went into the church to view a lighting improvement that Paul McGill had made to one of the fixtures. The cost to enhance the lighting will be about $1500.00, but it will come with a savings in the amount of electricity being consumed by  current lights.  After some discussion around lighting, which had been a topic at previous meetings as well, Orian Carter moved that the brighter lighting plan be put into all the fixtures in the nave. The motion was seconded by Bill D. The Vestry voted in favor of implementing the new lighting plan.
  5. The Vestry reconvened in the parish hall. Under other business it was noted that Jim Brooks would be conducting a defibrillator training course in the near future. Bill Devereux also gave a report on Centennial committee activities and in particular about the Centennial Celebration Kick-off Luncheon on February 11. Mary Galke briefly noted a stack of letters she had in her possession from groups who had benefitted from TOH outreach funding.
  6. A final farewell and thanks was extended to the Wardens and outgoing Vestry. It was noted that Canon Augusta Anderson would be meeting with the Vestry on January 9 to describe the next steps in discernment in calling a new Priest.
  7. Next Vestry Meeting:  JANUARY 16, 5:30 pm, in the CHURCH PARISH HALL.


At 8:00pm the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

Bill Devereux



St. Mary of the Hills

Vestry Minutes - November 21, 2017


Vestry members present:  Orian Carter, Bill Devereux, Judy Gloster, Van Joffrion, Paul McGill, Mike Miller, Lynn Searfoss, and Amanda White


Vestry members absent:  Emily Furr, Mary Galke, and Ryan Postlethwait


Others present:  Crawford Cleveland, Mtr. Linda Hawkins, Loy McGill, Jane Milner, Chip Myers, and Olivia Knight


Mtr. Linda Hawkins opened the meeting with readings for the day and closed with prayer.


Corrections to the minutes of the October 15th meeting:


Others present:  Fr. Sam Tallman


The meeting was opened with a prayer by Mtr. Linda Hawkins and Mtr. Linda chaired the meeting.


Treasurer’s Report – (last sentence)  Bill Devereux thought the transfer was a good idea as well.  However, action not taken at this time.


Stewardship Report -  Omit – He is concerned that pledges are coming in slower than in previous years.

Correction - He is encouraged with the response thus far.


Interim Rector’s Report – (1) Omit the church has its core but it will continue to grow.

(6) – Staff schedules - Omit – By that I mean that the priest has been doing a lot of things that the janitor should be doing.


Currently there are eight or nine shut-ins and each visit takes an hour to an hour and a half which is difficult to get in the daily schedule.


Daily offices discussion – more normal for the services to be led primarily by lay leaders.


With the above corrections made, Mike Miller made a motion to accept the minutes with a second from Amanda White.


Loy McGill, Co-Chair of Stewardship requested voice.  Lynn Searfoss made a motion to grant voice with a second by Judy Gloster.  Also, voice is to be given to incoming vestry members Crawford Cleveland, Jane Milner and Chip Myers.  This was unanimously approved.


Financial Status Report – October – Orian Carter

Actual MTD – October 31 – ($ 43,687)   - Actual YTD deficient of ($8,872)  - due to Tour of Homes Outreach paid in October


Total number of pledges for 2017 – 128  - $387,945 – 87% of pledge collected as of 10-31-17

                                                                                          84% of pledge amount budgeted as of 10-31-17

Cash on hand – 10-31-17 - $28,041 

Cash on hand -  11-13-17 - $27,936


Net Income – Budget YTD – 10-31-17 -  $2,525

See the report for details as it is attached to these minutes and made a part hereof.


NOTE – Clara Neese Smith Trust – name changed to Clara Neese Smith/Peggy Carlson Trust


Orian Carter - Capital Improvements- Installation of two heaters and air conditioning unit.


Bill Devereux made a motion to accept the Financial Status Report for October – second by Amanda White and was unanimously approved.


Stewardship Report- Chip Myers –  Analysis and Evaluation of Campaign to Date as of 11-13-17 was distributed.  At this time we are less days into the campaign with a higher pledge total received.

Positive indicators:  9 new pledges totaling $12,280


Total pledge amount from those who pledged last year and have pledged this year (103 pledges) has increased by $16,474


Pledge total as of today is $355,304 comprising 103 pledges


Pledge total of those pledging last year who have not pledged this year is $60,395 (36 pledges)


For those expected not to pledge $5080 has been removed (moved, changed churches, etc. – 5 pledges)


This leaves 31 potential pledges totaling $55,315 from last year.  25% has been subtracted of this for contingency, leaving $41,486


Adding the pledge total to date ($355,304) to this adjusted pledge potential figure ($41,486) yields a predicted total of $396,790 – rounded to $397,000


Stewardship Chairs  - Chip Myers and Loy McGill believe $397,000 is a conservative figure for budgeting purposes.


Copy of this report with the years 2014 -2108 year comparisons of days of campaign, pledge totals and pledges at end of campaign is attached to these minutes and made a part 


Loy McGill – Loy has met with parishioners to thank them for their pledge, to hear their concerns and to encourage them to give their time and talents as well.  Even though they may have pledged, she feels this is the time to ask for more and several have increased their pledge.  She is making contact by e-mail, phone and personal visits. 

She thanked vestry members for their support as well.


Draft Budget- Orian Carter – The first draft is reviewed in Nov. and the final vote on the budget will be in Dec.  However, Orian voiced that he feels the new vestry in Jan. should finalize the budget as they will be making the financial decisions.  The projected pledge total for 2018 is $397,000. 

Members of the Finance Committee who proposed the budget for 2018 are Mtr. Linda Hawkins, Orian Carter, Judy Gloster, Chip Myers, Bob Miller and Joe Raulerson.



2017 Budget - $472,901.00    - 2018 Proposed Budget – $451,125.00   Decrease of $21,776.00


Points of discussion in reviewing budget:

Is there a request from Diocese for pledges?  Orian stated the pledge should be 10% of disposable income

  (Increase of $4,000 proposed for 2018 – pledge total - $44,000


Choir program restricted account


Outreach – The vestry made a commitment within the last seven years to increase Outreach funds by 1% each year.  This has been done five of the seven years with a 1% increase each year.  Two years it was not feasible for the 1% increase.  At the annual meeting in August the question was raised if we were going to continue to honor this commitment.  The concern was that a large portion of the budget is for administration costs.  Crawford Cleveland asked if there is a cap on the percentage.  It is 10%.


Orian reviewed each of the line items and explained why there was a proposed increase or decrease.

A copy of the 2017 Working Budget with the 2018 Proposed Budget is attached to these minutes and made a part hereof.


Budget Requests: 

Discernment Committee - $20,000


Centennial Committee -  Bill Devereux requested $10,000.  The committee has met and hopes to have four major events and welcomes additional parishioners to help in planning this celebration.  Minutes of the meetings will be sent to vestry.  Mtr. Linda Hawkins inquired as to if Memorial Funds could be used to help with these expenses.


Staff Raises: The Diocese has suggested a 2.1% raise for staff.  The last raise was a cost of living raise.


Some changes were made this year regarding health and dental insurance for staff.


Mtr. Linda Hawkins asked all to pray about the continued work regarding the budget.


Mike Miller inquired as to the status of the IT position.


Church Computer System- The computer system is not set up for any staff to check emails on mobile devices when outside the building.


Bill Devereux will contact St. James, Lenoir regarding their website.


Interim Rector’s Report: Mtr. Linda has completed Stage II – Interim Training.  Several areas covered were: anxiety among staff, exploring change in worship, and being flexible.


Assignment for vestry members:  Mtr. Linda gave vestry members a list of three names of church members and asked them to meet with them.  She asked that they learn about each person’s passion and interests in and outside the church. 

This may be one way in which we can find new leaders for committees and help us all to find joy in what we are doing.


Mtr. Linda voiced her concerns regarding tighter security and areas where more lighting is needed.


Mtr. Linda emphasized the need for a newsletter.


Mtr. Linda will be traveling to Israel in January as part of her continuing education.


Anna Shine, a seminarian at Virginia Theological Seminary, will be ordained at St. Luke’s, Boone, December 16th at 11:00.  Anna is a good friend of Mtr. Linda’s.


The vestry will meet with The Rev. Canon Augusta Anderson on January 9th.


Ira Read, Kirby Brown and Toni Caicedo passed away.  Bishop Gary Gloster conducted Toni Caicedo memorial service.  Ira and Kirby’s services will be at a later date.


Linda will be conducting three weddings next summer.


Greening of the Church will be on Dec. 21st.  Flowers – Dec. 22nd.

Christmas Eve schedule – one service at 10:10 – 5:00 pm and midnight services


Senior Warden’s Report- Judy Gloster –

Dec. 3rd. is the Heifer Fair.  Vestry has been assigned pigs as their food item for coffee minute. 


Judy Gloster will distribute minutes from the meeting on Nov. 7th regarding Health Insurance plans for 2018.


Judy Gloster, Paul and Loy McGill and Mtr. Linda attended the Diocesan Convention.  Judy shared how inspiring it was and wished all members could attend and see the commitment to the church and our Lord.


Jr. Warden’s Report- Orian Carter –


Graeme Justice is working on the trimming of the rhododendrons and other trees.

Orian will be meeting with the BR Police regarding security.

Pavers in front of the church has been completed and the grate repaired.

Re-visit sound system


Lynn Searfoss – At the last Friends of Music meeting it was suggested a letter be sent to parishioners to thank them for their support.  With the letter a listing of all ministries and programs would be included, with an option to support these as well. 

Bill made a motion with a second from Amanda to approve this request.  The motion was passed unanimously.


Mtr. Linda distributed A Participation & Giving Trends Chart for St. Mary’s for the years 2006 -2016.  A copy is attached to these minutes.


Request for CPR/defibrillator training will be discussed at the Dec. vestry meeting.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Olivia Knight























St. Mary of the Hills

Vestry Minutes


September 19, 2017


Vestry members present: Orian Carter, Mary Galke, Emily Furr, Paul McGill, Bill Devereux, Mike Miller, and Ryan Postlethwait


Vestry members absent: Judy Gloster, Dick Kitchell, Lynn Searfoss, Van Joffrion, and Amanda White


Others present: Fr. Sam, Bill Furr, Jane Milner, Chip Myers, and Greta Wilson


Fr. Sam opened the meeting with a prayer.


The minutes of the August 19 meeting and the special vestry meeting on August 29 were unanimously approved upon a motion by Paul McGill and a second by Emily Furr.

Treasurer’s report: Orian Carter went through the August financial report. He referred to the Saint Mary of the Hills Financial Status report for the end of August. See the report for details as it is attached to these minutes and made a part hereof. He reported that the church will have approx. $22,000 cash on hand once the Tour of Homes proceeds are distributed.  That is a smaller amount of cash than we usually have on hand.  We are going to have to tighten up spending. We pushed the budget this year as we assumed we would get approx.. $410,000 in pledges, and we only actually received $387,000 in pledges.  We probably will not collect all of that. Expenses were high for August, and the reason for this is that we paid Fr. Rick a lump sum for his severance package.  There will be one month overlap of Rick’s salary and benefits with the interim rector’s salary and benefits.  Bill Furr questioned the large amount of monies in restricted accounts. There was discussion but nothing was resolved. Bill Devereux moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and Ryan Postlethwait seconded the motion which carried unanimously. 


Priest Associate’s Report: (1) Leah Wilson plans on restarting Good News Kids on October 8th.  We will need volunteers to assist her.  Leah has kicked off EYC and is partnering with St. Lukes and Holy Cross. They went on a hike last Sunday although there was little St. Mary’s participation. (2)Pastoral concerns:  Ira Read is doing much better than was expected. Laura Chapman is recovering and hopes to be back in church on Oct. 8th.  Harriet Davant is going back to Florida soon.


Stewardship Report: Chip Myers reported that the campaign is off and running.  Fr. Sam preached on stewardship last Sunday. Mary Galke spoke at the 8:00 AM service and Chip Myers spoke at the 10:10 AM service.  Unfortunately there were only five vestry members present at the two services. Chip remarked that this is not a time to relax in giving.  We need everyone’s time, talents and treasures. We really need to sustain our giving during this year of transition. Please convey to parishioners that this is a good time in the life of the parish: we have a lot of energy, and we need to keep up our level of giving to support the wonderful projects we have on going. Loy McGill will speak at both services next Sunday. I will have Greta send out a parish email mid-week. There is a tradition among our vestry that we try to submit our pledges at the beginning of the campaign so we can encourage others to follow our lead. We want it to be obvious that the vestry supports the campaign.


Junior Warden’s report: (1) Delegates need to be elected for the diocesan convention.  After discussion, it was decided that The Rev. Linda Hawkins, Judy Gloster, Paul McGill, and  Loy McGill will attend, with Judy and Paul serving as delegates and Loy serving as the alternate delegate. (2) Paul McGill spent most of a day showing Linda Hawkins places to rent.  He stated that she has chosen a house and will sign a lease tomorrow.  She also has signed the Letter of Agreement, and Judy Gloster will sign it upon her return to Blowing Rock. She feels confident she will receive the waiver from the Pension Fund.  It was decided (with the diocesan office’s input) that she receive a salary of $------- plus her Medicare supplement.  We do not have to make payments to her pension plan.  There are also some incidental expenses, and the church will probably end up spending around $------- per year on her package.  She is used to working six days a week but wants to work from home one day a week.  Bill Devereux moved that the vestry accept the Letter of Agreement, and Paul McGill seconded the motion which passed unanimously. (3) The Tour of Homes Distribution Committee has asked for vestry approval of its proposed Distribution List to charities.  A copy of the list is attached to the minutes.  Bill Devereux moved that the vestry approve the proposed distribution list submitted by the committee, and Mike miller seconded the motion.  Discussion followed, and the issue was raised as to whether or not there was a final figure as to the proceeds from the Tour.  Apparently, there may some outstanding bills, and also some monies that may not have come in.  The motion was amended by Orian Carter to state that if the Tour proceeds are not sufficient to cover the distribution of monies to the charities on the list that the shortfall will come out of the Outreach Accounts 4865-33 or 4865-32 until the remaining monies from the Tour are collected and all expenses paid. The amended motion was seconded by Paul McGill and passed unanimously.


Other business:  John Carlson submitted a written request for vestry approval for changing the name of the Clara Neese Smith Endowment Fund to the Peggy Neese Carlson and the Clara Neese Smith Endowment Fund.  The vestry unanimously approved the request.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Greta Wilson



St. Mary of the Hills

Vestry Minutes of a Special Called Vestry Meeting  August 29, 2017  5:30 PM

Vestry members present: Judy Gloster, Emily Furr, Paul McGill, Bill Devereux, Orian Carter, Mary Galke, Amanda White, Lynn Searfoss, Dick Kitchell, Van Joffrion, Mike Miller

Vestry members absent: Ryan Postlethwait

Others present: Fr. Sam, Greta Wilson, and vestry elect members Chip Myers, Crawford Cleveland, and Bill Furr

Mary Galke opened the meeting with a prayer.

Judy Gloster said the purpose of the meeting is to present the resumes and the interview results of two candidates for the position of interim rector.  The search committee members are Judy Gloster, Orian Carter, Bill Devereux, and Mary Galke.  They interviewed three candidates, but one withdrew his application following his interview. The resumes and other materials submitted by the two candidates are attached to these minutes and made a part hereof.  Before the discussion began, Amanda White moved that the vestry elect members be given voice but no vote during the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Lynn Searfoss and passed by unanimous consent. Since the vestry had been sent the resumes and any other information provided by the candidates before the meeting, Judy elected not to go through those materials but rather she asked the vestry to ask any questions they had regarding the candidates.  A discussion ensued with the search committee members giving their assessments of the candidates.  Following the question and answer session and further discussion, the non-vestry persons were asked to leave the room.  A motion was made by Paul McGill to call The Rev. --------- to serve as interim rector at St. Marys. There was a second by Lynn Searfoss. During discussion, Mike Miller asked to amend the motion to include the sentence "If ------ doesn’t accept, than we should automatically call The Rev. -------- to serve.”  Mary Galke seconded the amended motion.  The motion carried with one nay vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM.

 Respectfully submitted,  

Greta Wilson



St. Mary of the Hills  Vestry Minutes  August 15, 2017

Vestry members present: Judy Gloster, Mary Galke, Amanda White, Dick Kitchell, Emily Furr, Paul McGill, Bill Devereux, Mike Miller, Orian Carter, Van Joffrion, Lynn Searfoss, and Ryan Postlethwait

Others present: Fr. Rick, Fr. Sam, Chip Myers, Bob Miller, and Greta Wilson

Fr. Rick opened the meeting with a prayer titled “The Song of Mary”, a copy of which is attached.

Fr. Rick made remarks to the vestry: Thank you.  There have been and will be tough things and good things which come to the vestry; a lot of which most people don’t realize.  You, the vestry, handle things well. I am deeply grateful to each of you.  This is a healthy parish. You oversee both parts described in “The Song of Mary”: the praise of God and the mission and ministry of the church. Now you are faced with a transition.  I am forever grateful for the support I have felt over the years.  My family is thankful for your ongoing support. 

Orian Carter moved that the minutes of the July meeting be approved and Lynn Searfoss seconded the motion which passed by unanimous consent.

Treasurer’s report: Bob Miller went through the July financial report. He referred to the Saint Mary of the Hills Financial Status report for the end of July. See the report for details as it is attached to these minutes and made a part hereof. Bill Devereux moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and Dick Kitchell seconded the motion which carried unanimously.  

Rector’s report: (1) Pastoral concerns:  Peggy Carlson’s funeral was huge, and this is just one area in which the family of St. Mary’s really excels. Pat Fountain and Ira Read are both at the Foley Center. (2) Parish events: The most recent Evensong was a big and beautiful service which is a ministry to the larger community. KenFest is scheduled for 4:00 PM this Saturday. The bishop’s visit on August 13th was incredible.  He was impressed with us, and I think many are impressed with him. His meeting with the vestry went very well. (3)It appears that the Tour of Homes raised around $50,000 for outreach. It was a great day, and thankfully the rain held off until about 3 PM (4) Vestry nominations are: for year round positions: Leslie Billingsley, Crawford Cleveland, Chip Myers, Jane Milner, and Jim West.  The seasonal member nominee is Bill Furr.  Because there are more nominations for the year round positions, there will be an election at the Annual Meeting. There only needs to be a plurality of votes for each of the year round positions. There can be nominations from the floor, and the qualifications for vestry members needs to be explained beforehand: an adult confirmed communicant in good standing and an eligible voter, who is a duly baptized person 16 years or older who has contributed to the support of the church for a period of at least 6 months prior to the election. Paul McGill questioned the qualifications of the vestry nominees.  Fr. Rick stated that the Nomination Committee found that each nominee met the criteria.       (5) Fr. Rick suggested that the remaining balance of his discretionary account should be transferred to a discretionary account for the interim rector.  Orian Carter made a motion to that affect, and it was seconded by Lynn Searfoss.  The motion was approved unanimously.


Senior Warden’s report: (1) Judy Gloster had arranged a mini farewell party for Fr. Rick.  Bill Devereux gave the toasts.  Judy said that there are so many emotions over his retirement. Everyone joined in. There was laughter and tears and good byes and good wishes. Mary Galke was gathering journal entries from the vestry for a journal for Rick to be given to him when everyone had had a chance to write in it.  (2) Judy then gave an update on the Farewell Reception for Rick and his family following the 10:10 AM service on August 20th. (3) Judy then explained the next steps. The interim search committee has already interviewed two candidates and has a third interview set up for Thursday. She asked Fr. Sam to describe the role of an interim which he did. The role of an interim is: to hopefully have prior interim experience and training; someone who can work with the leadership; who helps us determine who we are without Fr. Rick’s influence; who helps us determine the DNA which we all share; who helps us determine what we are called to do in the future; who serves more to open us up as opposed to ministering to us. An interim will be looking for things that are out of whack. There will be changes, and that person will challenge us. It will be up to the interim to decide whether or not Fr. Sam will serve as our priest associate next summer. Orian Carter remarked that he thought it would be great if the church could call an interim to start on Oct. 1st so that person would have almost a month to work with Fr. Sam.

Junior Warden’s report: Orian Carter reported that (1) the air conditioning units that serve the parish hall and the kitchen are broken or breaking down and are 25 years old. Parts cannot be found. Orian has spoken to two companies (Piedmont Sheet Metal and B&R) and received estimates for new units.  Emily Furr moved that Orian Carter be given the authority to make decisions about two new air conditioning units and which company to use to install the same as well as the unit donated by Paul McGill.  Lynn Searfoss seconded the motion which passed unanimously. Paul McGill has offered the church a 3 ton slightly used air conditioning unit for the kitchen which Orian said would be a supplemental unit with a separate thermostat. (2)  Orian has a couple of things he would like to take care of before he ends his term as Jr. Warden: the trimming of the bushes around the church and painting the exterior of the buildings and touching up a few places inside the church.  He has been given prior authority by the vestry to handle maintenance issues costing up to $20,000.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted,

Greta Wilson


July 18, 2017


Vestry members present: Judy Gloster, Mary Galke, Amanda White, Dick Kitchell, Emily Furr, Paul McGill, Bill Devereux, Orian Carter, Van Joffrion, and Lynn Searfoss

Vestry members absent:  Ryan Postlethwait and Mike Miller

Others present: The Rev. Canon Augusta Anderson, Fr. Rick, Fr. Sam, Gary Gloster, Loy McGill, Joe Raulerson, Mary Ellen Raulerson, Chip Myers, Bob Miller, Greta Wilson

Fr. Rick opened the meeting with a prayer.

Father Rick welcomed The Rev. Canon Augusta Anderson who is present to explain to the vestry the transition process after Fr. Rick’s retirement on August 20th. She handed out a document titled “Journey through Transition” which is attached to these minutes and made a part hereof. She stated that St. Marys is beginning a farewell and sharing of memories with our rector of 22 years, Fr. Rick. She then went through the transition process/timeline.   She would like to see an interim in place within three months. Then once the interim has been here for a short while, the discernment process begins. She stated that the discernment committee should consist of 8-12 members with one being a vestry member, but not the Sr. or Jr. Warden. This committee will present 3 candidates for the position of rector to the vestry, and the vestry will interview the candidates and select the next rector of St. Marys. She will walk through this process with us and will advise us along the way.  The vestry thanked her.

Bill Devereux moved that the minutes of the June meeting be approved and Emily Furr seconded the motion which passed by unanimous consent.

At this time, a motion was made and seconded that alcohol be approved for the farewell reception for Fr. Rick on August 20th.  The motion carried unanimously.

Outreach Committee report: Gary Gloster reported on the 3rd quarter allocations by the Outreach committee and handed out a document titled “Outreach Committee Meeting June 21, 2017-Results of 3rd Quarter Allocations”.  He stated that the only unusual allocation was to St. Barnabas Church in Greensboro in the amount of $1000 to help support an illegal alien seeking sanctuary at the church. She is a mother of four who fled violence in Guatemala in 1994.  She has worked as a textile operator for four years but is due to be deported.  

Treasurer’s report: Bob Miller went through the July financial report. He referred to the Saint Mary of the Hills Financial Status report for the end of June. Bill Devereux moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and Dick Kitchell seconded the motion which carried unanimously. 

Rector’s report: (1) Fr. Rick thanked the volunteers who put on the Patron Party.  The leaders of the Tour of Homes are doing great work. (2) Fr. Rick thanked the vestry for his severance package of --------------following his retirement. (3) He officiated at the wedding of Graeme Justice and Maureen Marturano last Saturday and will officiate at Peggy Carlson’s funeral this Saturday. (4) He reminded everyone of the Bishop’s visit on August 13th.  There will be several confirmations and receptions at the 10:10 am service. Bishop Josè will want to meet with the vestry following the reception on Sunday.

(4) Pastoral concerns: Pat Fountain and Ira Read are at the Foley center; Harriet Davant is homebound, and Laura Chapman is homebound.

Senior Warden’s report: (1) Judy Gloster reported that Susie Morgan is now the chair of the Bread of Life Committee. (2) She thanked Bill and Emily Furr for making the arrangements and for paying for the painting of the back stairwell area.  It looks fresh and so nice.

Junior Warden’s report: Orian Carter had no report. Loy McGill asked about the air conditioning in the kitchen.  She is heading up the TOH lunches and said that the kitchen gets extremely hot when several people are working in there.  Orian will look into the matter.

Other business:  Mary Galke asked about the status of the sign on the front lawn. Fr. Rick will call and check on it.  He also said that thus far there were three nominations for vestry positions: 2 for year round and 1 for seasonal. 


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Greta Wilson